Matti Weinberg is one of the most sought after mentalists in the entertainment world due to his unique and elegant style

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Matti Weinberg is a unique and original entertainer.

With over a decade of experience, Matti’s elegant and personal style is embodied in The Gentleman of Mentalism. There are many kinds of entertainment choices, but very few of these can take you and your guests on the wondrous journey of the mind that you will travel with The Gentleman of Mentalism. As with many audiences before, Matti will elegantly astonish your guests as they enjoy a truly unforgettable experience.

If you are searching for the perfect addition to your event, look no further than The Gentleman of Mentalism, a guarantee for a perfect event!
extraordinary feats, emotional connections

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Matti and his team will create a show to ensure you a truly wonderful and unforgettable event, leaving you to focus on enjoying it with your guests.

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Contact us now for more information and inquiries.